Objectives of Serguei

The LGBTQ+ community undoubtedly deserves an authentic space in the fashion industry, where authenticity doesn’t require an exorbitant investment. They should enjoy the freedom to choose clothing without being limited by gender conventions, avoiding the need to explore designated sections for girls or boys. We don’t underestimate the value of genderless fashion; in fact, we advocate for it. However, the community deserves more than just that.

It’s imperative to recognize that they deserve committed brands and companies, not only occasionally but consistently throughout the year. They shouldn’t be the subject of momentary exploitation; instead, companies should consider their needs and aspirations every single day of the year.

In this context, it’s inspiring to highlight that Serguei is born to fulfill these principles. This initiative not only aims to provide inclusive and accessible fashion but also commits to being a constant and respectful voice for the LGBTQ+ community.

Sergio Jiménez, founder of Serguei.


Serguei emerges as a cutting-edge urban and inclusive clothing brand, with a dedicated focus on the vibrant queer population. Its ultimate goal is to transcend conventional barriers, providing unique designs that not only dress the community but also empower it, allowing individuals to feel authentic and free.

At the heart of Serguei lies an unwavering conviction to advocate for genderless fashion, reflecting the increasingly pronounced evolution and diversity within the queer collective. The brand stands as a conscious and active voice, aware of the current challenges facing the community. It confronts the monotony of sticking to the same companies that do not represent LGBTQ+ values, offering a fresh and authentic alternative.

Serguei does not only scratch the surface of inclusivity; it acknowledges the specific needs of various subgroups, such as the transgender community, by providing garments tailored to their unique experiences. Likewise, the brand addresses the lack of options for plus-size individuals, redefining beauty standards and ensuring that fashion is accessible for all bodies and identities.

In summary, Serguei stands as a beacon of authenticity and diversity in the fashion world, challenging established norms and promoting a space where every individual, regardless of gender identity or size, can find garments that not only adorn their bodies but also reflect their true selves.

At the heart of Serguei beats a story of inclusion and a passion for fashion that was born in the heart of Chueca, the iconic Madrid neighborhood known for its vibrant LGBTQ+ community. It was in a corner of that neighborhood in January when Sergio and Mery, the founders of Serguei, shared their deep love for fashion and creativity.

Serguei, a brand that celebrates diversity and love in all its forms, is not only a symbol of pride for the LGBTQ+ community but also a welcoming space for allies who share values of equality and respect. Inspired by their surroundings, Sergio and Mery started this adventure as a playful wordplay, merging the Russian name of the creator with a Spanish wordplay that humorously and bravely alluded to their own sexuality.

What began as a creative gesture soon turned into a shared passion for fashion, and sparks of inspiration unleashed a line of unique designs. Sergio, in his quest for the perfect attire for party nights, brought that vision to reality with creations that radiated authenticity and self-discovery.

The support and enthusiasm surrounding their early creations were the spark that ignited the path toward a larger project. In a warm July, in the midst of Chueca itself, Sergio and Mery made the decision to turn Serguei into a serious and committed project. Gathered with their group of friends, each with their own gifts and talents, they began to weave the tapestry of Serguei.

In every stitch, in every design, and in every decision, Serguei is more than a fashion brand. It is a reflection of self-love, diversity, and the power of shared creativity. From that first encounter in a Chueca pub to the future that awaits them, Serguei is a testament to how a spark of passion can ignite a flame of change and acceptance in the fashion and the world we share.

Sergei’s Story

Now that you have this knowledge, would you like to join our cause? At Serguei, we invest a lot of time and effort in perfecting the brand and generating new innovative ideas. It’s important to note that each team member plays a role here, but they also maintain their professional roles outside of Serguei.

It’s worth mentioning that, although we don’t have significant capital, we accept and prefer this reality. We choose to remain independent to retain the control and creativity that are essential to us. We aim to refine Serguei, polishing its imperfections and deficiencies, and to achieve this, we rely on our business model. This involves alternating revenue generated through advertisers on our web platform with sales from our collection.

Your passive support would not only be a backing for our ongoing improvement of Serguei but also contribute to strengthening our independence and preserving our unique vision.