Marcas de moda sostenible

Discover the most iconic sustainable fashion brands of 2024

POR Sergio Jiménez

Discover the most iconic sustainable fashion brands of 2024

POR Sergio Jiménez
Marcas de moda sostenible

In recent years, the fashion industry has witnessed the emergence of business models that are highly detrimental to the environment. Fast fashion, first introduced by INDITEX, is one such model. In contrast, sustainable fashion brands provide a much more environmentally responsible solution.

These companies advocate for a more respectful consumption pattern, emphasizing national production and circular economy. Their products stand out for being made from organic and recycled materials. Moreover, some of these entities have proposed innovative resources to minimize the climate gap. Below, I’ll introduce you to some of what, in my opinion, are the most iconic sustainable clothing brands of 2023. Stay tuned for more details!

Before we dive in, let’s explore some ways to create sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion

Many brands boast about their sustainable and environmentally friendly production, but over time, we’ve seen that, in most cases, these words remain just that—mere words. Behind the scenes, they often turn out to be marketing tactics aimed at boosting sales through small ‘sustainable’ collections. This is a common practice among large textile brands.

Sustainable Fashion Brands
Zara, a Failed Attempt at a Sustainable Fashion Brand

At this point, a significant question arises: What is truly necessary to become a sustainable clothing brand? From everything we’ve seen, the key lies in the production stages of garments and the approach to commerce.

The primary issue stems from the extremely high water consumption required to manufacture each garment. We’re talking about hundreds of liters to create simple items like jeans or a jacket, to name a few. In response, some avant-garde fashion brands have sought alternatives to minimize historical water usage.

Others have chosen to reinvent themselves, using new manufacturing techniques, limiting their stock to the bare minimum, or producing locally. Furthermore, those with a longer history often opt for fabric recycling or the use of materials of organic origin. In the fashion industry, there are two fundamental principles when it comes to sustainability: a recycled garment is better than producing a new one, and the more natural the material, the less harmful it is to the ecosystem. These would be the pillars of any sustainable fashion brand.

Sustainable Fashion Brands That Are Exemplary

Now that we have a reference on how to be a good sustainable fashion brand, it’s time to explore some good examples. Our list will be based on both companies that have gained popularity through customer reviews and those that have innovated technologically.

Ten Twelve Collection – No Stock Existence

This Barcelona-based sustainable fashion brand stands out for crafting garments with top-quality materials. Its fresh, feminine, and spontaneous style has made it popular among women who want to feel empowered. Both its highly artisanal techniques and the timeless nature of their clothing make it a great choice.Furthermore, to avoid creating more garments than necessary, Ten Twelve bases its production on demand and made-to-order requests. The combination of all these aspects creates a perfect balance between embellished fashion and respect for green areas.

Eilean Brand – Prioritizing the Important

Usually, in each garment production, there is a slight loss of material that arises from cutting patterns. In the case of Eilean Brand, a well-known Mexican entity, they have managed to reduce that number to almost 0%. An achievement not every sustainable fashion brand could achieve with such effectiveness.

Clothing Recycling Plant
Clothing Recycling Plan

María Malo, Proof that Sustainability Can Be Affordable

When we think of sustainability, the cost often comes to mind. There are few examples of affordable and eco-friendly fashion. Nevertheless, María Malo has proven that it is possible, and moreover, without compromising on quality or results.

The garments from this boutique are crafted using artisanal techniques and the finest quality fabrics. Additionally, they feature accurate tailoring, making these clothes a viable option for everyday wear. In this regard, paying less does not mean sacrificing style or quality; everything is compatible. Knowing this, will you now seek a sustainable fashion brand that aligns with your values?

Clothing Rack with Sustainable Apparel
Clothing Rack with Sustainable Apparel

Jeanología, the Spanish Company that Revolutionized Jeans Production

Do you recall the main issue in the fashion industry? That’s right, excessive water consumption. But what if I told you there’s a brand that has managed to minimize this consumption? Would you believe me?

Enter Jeanología, a Spanish company that has transitioned from using hundreds of liters of water to create a pair of jeans to needing only about 5 liters. They achieved this by employing much more environmentally friendly and entirely innovative techniques. We’re talking about the use of laser and ozone gas, two methods that have replaced harmful ‘washing’ and ‘abrasion’ processes for textiles. Thanks to this, this sustainable fashion brand has become a global benchmark for crafting these garments

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