Young Miko con gorro pescador

Oversized clothing, fisherman hat, and more: the secrets of Young Miko

POR Mery Rives

Oversized clothing, fisherman hat, and more: the secrets of Young Miko

POR Mery Rives
Young Miko con gorro pescador

Young Miko is one of the most viral artists of the moment, and there are reasons beyond the music to think so. Both her music and avant-garde style, along with her distinctive outfits, don’t go unnoticed by society. In the realm of fashion, this artist stands out for her signature fisherman hat and glittery makeup.

From the fisherman hat to her steadfast social activism

Just hearing her name, you can sense that very few people remain indifferent, and indeed, Young Miko is one of the most successful trap artists of the last decade. An artist openly committed to supporting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and the empowerment of women.

She openly discusses her sexuality, and her songs are directed towards women. However, the truth is that the singer not only stands out for her bold and catchy songs but is also widely discussed and loved for her looks.

Young Miko in one of her concerts without her caracteristic fisherman hat
Young Miko in one of her concerts. XPOT.

The Puerto Rican trendsetter is known for her oversized fashion and colorful makeup. This aesthetic is based on the anime universe, one of her great passions, giving her image a unique style. As mentioned earlier, there’s a specific accessory that has driven the comeback of a somewhat forgotten garment: the ‘piluso,’ also known as the fisherman hat.

Moreover, this enigmatic piece in the singer’s wardrobe has an interesting detail. Each and every one of them is crocheted, meaning two stitches are woven into the same base stitch.

What inspires Young Miko for such a unique style?

Analyzing her looks reveals influences that characterize her style: always loyal to oversized and the fisherman hat, but also many cropped tops and sporty tops.

In an interview with the digital magazine Elle, she clarified her style inspirations: ‘I really liked how Lauryn Hill dressed; I grew up listening to her. She always wore really big sweaters and Timberland boots, but she used eyeliner and huge hoops, which caught my attention. I also see Justin Bieber all the time for inspiration.’

However, regardless of the people she takes as references, street style – perfectly in tune with her music – is undoubtedly what characterizes Young Miko: silver vests, chains, fisherman hats, wide low-rise pants, cropped tops, and sporty tops are some of the garments that must be in her closet.

Ideas for wearing the fisherman hat and other items reminiscent of the Puerto Rican artist

Considering the trend she has set with her original looks, how can we dress to attend her concerts paying homage to her style?

The answer is clear: casually extravagant. Here are two examples:

  • Wide low-rise synthetic pants with an anime-inspired print, combined with a cropped top or basic sporty top and high-soled, voluminous sneakers. Chains and our beloved fisherman hat complete the outfit.
  • As a second option, we can replace the cropped top with an oversized T-shirt not as extravagant as the pants, all combined with a voluptuous jacket to finish our street look.

Today, clothing is another canvas to portray ourselves. It’s another way to tell a story, our story. This means that throughout our lives, we go through different phases marked by very different styles. However, at all times, we can feel how the most important, the essential, will never be missing: the essence that makes us unique.

That concludes Serguei’s article today. If you’re interested in celebrity outfits and how they dress for galas, be sure to read our article on the LOS40 Music Awards.”

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