Buying LGBT+ Brands to Combat Pinkwashing

Persona joven celebrando su diversidad, al igual que las marcas LGTB+

Throughout the article, we will delve into the importance of LGBT+ brands in raising awareness about the discrimination faced by this community. Additionally, we will also learn how to identify textbook pinkwashing or rainbow-washing to avoid supporting opportunistic companies. Because if one thing has become clear, it’s that in recent years, many companies have used Pride Month as a cash grab. But do these companies really care about the community? Most of the time, for … Read more

Discover the fashion trends for this winter 2023-2024!

Tendencias de moda de invierno

Every year, we see different fashion trends making a splash in the market. Oversized jeans, ties, and red and metallic colors are some examples of garments and colors that will set the trend this winter season 2023-2024. What pants will be in fashion this winter season? Skinny jeans haven’t disappeared, but they face strong competition: oversized jeans. These denim pants will be the favorites this season. Comfort is increasingly valued, and loosely fitted garments like … Read more